01 September 2010

난 사랑에 빠졌어

tonight was my first real korean bbq experience
i tried korean food once about three years ago, and didn't love it. 
given that my taste buds have matured dramatically in the last year, 
i felt that it was time to try again.
and now...i am in love.
so many different tastes and textures. 
so many options.
chicken, prawns, rice, shrimp/chive/onion pancake and a million sides.
tea that tasted and smelled similar to honey nut cheerios...in a good way.
ice cream & pocky.
i died.


  1. I love this post. I love the title of this post especially. Hahaha "I've fallen in love." So very fitting! Dude, Shilla is the worst place to go for Korean bbq. I HAVE to take you to a place that has the charcoal grills. It does wonders to the meat you're cooking. Plus the meat will practically melt in your mouth, it's so tender. Tyler bought this daily coupon thing for Shilla and I was so bummed. Korean pancakes are one of my favorite things! I need to take you out! Let's grab people and go out for Korean bbq again! This time we'll venture up North. ;) I'm SO glad you liked it. You're going to die when you try the REAL GOOD stuff.