12 April 2011

emmer & rye

Jim and I ate at emmer & rye on Sunday night. After a busy work week he offered to take me for a nice dinner, and I never refuse a delicious meal. Our schedules are completely opposite so we've been eating out too much (which I hate) and this occasion was the first time we went to a restaurant neither one of us had been to. After this tasty experience we decided to break the habit of visiting places we are familiar with and start venturing out to more places we've never been.

This adorable place is located at the top of Queen Anne in one of its trademark houses made restaurant. "Seasonally inspired, locally derived" is the motto at this establishment. I had the wagyu beef with brussel sprouts and black truffle mashed potatoes. So good. It's Seattle Restaurant Week until April 21st. Check out the menu here and they also have a menu for the event this week. I recommend it.

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