16 July 2011

finding favorites

Fall season is already approaching. Which means...the anniversary sale is here and started yesterday. So far I've only bought two items. It was so crazy downtown. It didn't allow me any room to sit down and play with all the makeup and skincare products that I wanted to look at. But thus far I'm so ecstatic about my two new purchases.

Indigo by Clarks Water Row Boot

I've had my eye on this boot for about six months. By the time I found it in store they didn't have my size and all shoe websites ran out as well. So when the sale catalog showed up at my house I almost died when I saw them...this time on sale and in leather instead of suede! I got to Nordy's around 3pm yesterday, immediately headed to the shoe department and received help. I GOT THE LAST 7 1/2!!! I wore them last night. So comfortable and just my kind of feminine. Not TOO girly and very adaptable to many styles. There's a good chance I will wear a shoe like this on a regular basis. I'm in love.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Disc Studs

I never wear earrings. I can't wear anything cheap. Everything makes my little lobes so itchy. So I set out to find a basic everyday type earring that would work for my sensitive sound pieces. I found the perfect pair! I wore them last night and didn't have any problems. This must be the first time since I was fifteen. I've said goodbye to the option to buy a pair of earrings for $4 and have embraced the idea that any jewelry I wear has to be a higher quality. It's a bummer on my bank account, but I sure feel pretty. So it's worth it. I'll be throwing out my old cheap earrings that have been collecting dust in my jewelry box today.

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