10 August 2011

hello goodbye

It's been a busy past few days. Jim's sleeping right now so let me catch up.

Surprises at work...
Hello Kitty Cake Pops from Becky and Chicken Adobo from Candice.
I'm so lucky.

My Birthday
I spent the majority of the day with Jackie and Kimmy. We went downtown for shopping,sushi and drinks.
And then I spent the evening at the Sunset in Ballard.
Kimmy bought me my first issue of Apartamento. I'm in love. The stories and photos are wonderful.
Jackie got me a nice hairbrush that I desperately needed, along with tons of goodies to take care of my nails (since I don't bite anymore) and a gift card to get some plants for the apartment.
Such great gifts.

Jim came home after being on tour for four weeks. I thought this day was never going to come. Thank god it did.
The past few days and been perfect. Movies and cuddle puddles. A bonfire at Mike and Melissa's (she made the tasty zucchini & chocolate cake above). Out for breakfast. Korean BBQ. Boom Noodle (I'm not sold). Trip to the zoo. Dinner at both our parents houses. Shopping downtown. Jim got me the Marc Jacobs wallet I was dying for!!!

Today's our last day together before he leaves again. I'm nowhere near ready.

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