20 February 2011

canine groomers

after holding out as long as i possibly could, i was forced to take charles to the groomer yesterday. i know i said long hair don't care, but i just don't think he could have made it any longer. i wasn't exactly doing the best job of brushing him every day. surprise surprise. but this time he didn't go to his usual groomer. we tried a new place out. a friend had been suggesting a place in shoreline that i should try, which sounded much better considering i was driving all the way to lynnwood to take him to pet parlor. now seriously, who lives in the city and takes their dog up north for grooming? honestly, i don't want to take him to the dog lounge. you have to book in advance and getting in and out of there gives me anxiety. in addition to that, he is known as young chuck money there, which i actually have to say if i want to make an appt, and his last several cuts there consisted of giving him a fu manchu, a mohawk and a lions mane. i'm not going back.

so i took him to canine groomers. meet my new groomers.

this place uses all organic products, hand dries your pooch (instead of putting a huge blowing fan on him while he sits in a kennel). you can also come in weekly for a brushing, clipping or clean up free of charge. this place is awesome. they managed to shave my shih tzu and still make him look adorable. kudos.

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