08 February 2011

lipstick and hospital gowns part II

The Good News
I survived the procedures. In fact, it's all such a blur that there are very few things I do remember. But don't worry, there are plenty of embarrassing photos. 
The Bad News
When I left yesterday I was under the impression they said everything looked normal, which of course would typically be good news. Honestly I was disappointed and frustrated because what it really meant for me is more tests although I'm not sure what kind. But unfortunately I was just still severely sedated and heard them incorrectly. My doctor called today to inform me that they found numerous things to biopsy. Quite the opposite of what I had originally thought. So now....I wait, with fingers crossed

But alas, to the amusing part.
This is pre-procedure. I was actually feeling pretty good, minus the serious sweating and anxiety. Jackie couldn't believe how I went to the hospital...with hat, bangles, rings, lipstick and all else. But feeling good is sometimes looking good.
I then walked into the most serious of rooms ever where I was to place all my belongs in bag and put on this ungodly gigantic gown and little pair of socks. At this point, I'm really freaking out. The next thing I know, they're putting things up my nose and needles in my arms and asking me a millions questions. I don't recall much of the procedure, except for when they pumped the air into my stomach. I'm pretty sure I was bucking like a bronco. It doesn't feel good. But the rest is blank, and thank god for that. I was horribly terrified of them shoving the tube down my throat and its as if it never even happened.
After the procedure they wheeled me to the recovery room, where I was to deflate and rest. They gave me some apple juice and a granola bar which I'm positive I scarfed down in fifteen seconds (it had been 48 hours without food). I am seriously high in this photo, but not too high to ask my nurse for my personal belongs to retrieve my phone so she could take a photo of me.
Jackie was there waiting to take me home. Apparently I got in the car and immediately applied a fresh coat of lipstick. What can I say? I don't remember anything else from the ride home. 
We finally got to Queen Anne where I requested an immediate iced grande unsweetened extra ice iced coffee. Got home and....
curcled into a ball and passed out. Jackie and Kalani eventually moved me off the floor and Jackie fixed me the most delicious sandwich. Jim came over to take care of me the rest of the night. Despite my coma, I popped a xanax anyway, and the next couple hours stayed pretty hazy. When I finally woke up and was coherent we laid in bed, watched Black Swan and then I somehow ended up making Jim potstickers. I don't know who was taking care of who at this point. Jim fell asleep and I stayed up and watched Somewhere. I'll talk about both of these movies another time. 
So I think that the most invasive part is over. There will be more tests, but I don't believe it will get much worse then a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Thank you Jackie for being my designated driving, hanging out with me and taking care of me and photographing the entire event. I appreciate having you as a bestie. And thanks Jim for....hmm....downloading two movies I desperately wanted to see and saving me the trouble of going to the theater. 

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  1. Hi Cat. I do hope that you'll feel better very soon. Xoxo