15 February 2011

my valentine

I wanted to take Jim to Korean BBQ last night, since he'd never had it. I know what you're thinking... What the hell does he eat? I'll tell you! His diet mostly consists of party pizzas, wheat thins, 5 hour energy, sugary snacks and anything else that's fast or frozen or can sit on the shelf at the grocery store for months at a time. This is the opposite of my diet, although I am jealous of a person that can eat like that.
I was so excited for this. I hadn't had Korean in over a month and was seriously craving it. I knew he would like the meat, but I was a little concerned about the sides. And I was right. I made him try every single one. He didn't really love them. But he did love the meat/rice/soybean/lettuce wrap part of it. So I guess that's good enough. I practically had all the sides to myself and I'm not complaining about that. Could you really ask for a better Korean BBQ dinner date? I don't think so.  And I'm really proud of him for using chopsticks to eat everything! Good job!
After dinner we went back to my place and I made my first blackberry cobbler. Usually my family prize peach cobbler recipe is my deal but I must say I really loved this recipe and it created the perfect breading. I'm anxious to substitute the blackberries for peaches next time and see if I like this recipe more.

Not a bad valentines day.

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