25 February 2011

daily essentials

A friend asked me to blog about my top five daily essentials. So here they are...

1. Moleskine: I know it's probably "old fashioned" to not put all your important dates and times into your phone these days, but I just need more then my iPhone can give me in terms of a calendar. It's not visually pleasing enough for me. This stays in my purse at all times. I use it every single day.

2. Bangles: The quick and simple addition for all outfits (except work-not allowed). I feel naked without the sound they make.

3. Ciggies: My disgusting vice...my horrible addiction...my saving grace...my stress reliever.

4. NARS lipstick in flamenco: I never thought I would be a red lipstick girl, but I'm hooked on the look and the way it makes me feel. The perfect quick fix for my plain jane days and a lovely addition for hitting the streets.

5. Eyeglasses: Can't drive/read/watch TV without them, which is why they remain a permanent fixture on my face. I've been trying to make a honest attempt to not wear them quite so much...I don't want to be a four eyes all the time. But I'm a fan of this classy simple old style look. I'll keep these frames for years to come.

6. My Pills: Do I need to explain? If so...to keep me from getting sick or having an anxiety attack. It depends on the day, and the bottle.

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